This module variables controlling app behaviour that are not stored in settings.

Module with default values of application state

PartSeg.state_store.always_report = False

if report errors using sentry without asking user about it

PartSeg.state_store.auto_report = False

if true then report errors using sentry without asking user

PartSeg.state_store.check_for_updates = True

if check for updates on startup,

PartSeg.state_store.custom_plugin_load = False

if load inner plugins (plugins that are not in separate package)

PartSeg.state_store.develop = False

if run in develop mode (show developer tab in advanced window)

PartSeg.state_store.report_errors = False

if enable error reporting button (to allow see stacktrace but not leak information)

PartSeg.state_store.save_folder = '/home/docs/.local/share/PartSeg/0.1'

path to folder where save settings

PartSeg.state_store.show_error_dialog = False

if show error dialog with stacktrace, if not then only print it to console